Big Red NO Button

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  • Big Red NO Button
  • 10 different no’s at the press of a button . can be used everywhere!
  • Can I borrow some money? NO! Can I have a Puppy? NO!
  • Fun stress reliever!
  • Does this make me look fat? NO! Are we there, yet? NO!
  • Say NO to anything!

A no button is one of the best office gifts for coworkers who will appreciate being able to say no to people that ask dumb questions.

Where to buy a Big Red NO Button

Do you have a hard time saying no? As social beings, we are driven to preserve our relationships and so it can be difficult to let people down even if it is the right thing for you.

When I asked my Twitter followers if they agreed with this statement: “I have a hard time saying no,” 48% of people replied that it was true for them and 52% replied that it wasn’t.

Part of it is that we’re programmed to. It goes back to childhood. When Mama asked us to do something, we were taught to say yes.

Later, our friends asked us to join them, and if you wanted to be liked in fourth grade, you said “sure” and ran to play on the monkey bars with the kids who invited you.

Fast-forward fifteen years, and we’re saying yes to every request at our new job because we want to be a team player, attract the attention of the boss, and expand our skill set.

Socially, we say yes because we don’t want to let people down and sometimes because we feel trapped. We feel bad that we’re not helping when Patty the PTA Nazi assures us everyone else is pitching in their time, money, talents, labor, or whatever the case may be. We also say yes because it’s easier than saying no, and we’d rather deal with our negative feelings than other people’s nagging comments, judging stares, and possible gossip if we say no to their request.