Creamed Opossum

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  • Canned Creamed Possum with Coon Fat Gravy and Garnished with Sweet Potatoes!
  • An Original Southern Delight!
  • Only the Freshest Roadkill Used in Our Cannery!
  • A Gag Gift That Will Have Your Friends Rolling with Laughter!
  • True contents: Composted Organic Material – Not Edible

Good thing this is just a gag gift and a prank gift to give your friends to let them know there is weird stuff like this that you can buy online to prank your friends in school. Just don’t eat the possum meat… it is just a play thing. Maybe it would be a good game for friends or toys for kids to play tricks on each other with this ridiculous can of creamed grossness.

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Possessing a furry tail, the true possum belongs to the Phalangeridae family within the Marsupialia order and is primarily found in New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia and other islands in the Pacific region. There are many varieties of possums, including Gliders and Cuscus, while the opossum is a more limited species. With their signature bare tail, the opossum is North America’s only known marsupial; this means the animal carries its young in a pouch much like the Australian kangaroo. Both the possum and the opossum are nocturnal, nomadic omnivores and live on an expansive diet that includes insects, frogs, birds, snakes and fruits.

The opossum is primarily dark gray in color but some resemble cinnamon, and, as in Heidi’s case, white opossums are known to exist. The possum is primarily gray in color. The possum and the opossum are both hunted animals and possess an instinct to play dead, or “play possum” when threatened.

Some people say possums are cute rodents, but I think they’re pretty gross. Especially the way they walk and play dead. That crap totally grosses me out.