Donald Trump Swimsuit

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Our all over designs are printed on ultra-soft fabric and then individually sewn together to ensure a flawless graphic and a comfortable fit.

  • Hand Cut & Sewn In California
  • 82/18 Poly Spandex with ultra-soft hand-feel
  • Multi-stretch properties with full flex elastic around the leg openings, armhole, and neckline
  • Inside there is a microfiber knit moisture-wicking liner
  • Contours your form and is meant to flatter!
  • High Definition Graphic
  • Artwork On Front & Back
  • Ships with a protective hygiene patch

You might get sand thrown in your face if you went to the beach wearing a Donald Trump Swimsuit, but it’s one of those cool things to buy on Amazon for a friend that knows how to take a joke. It can also be one of those weird things to buy on Amazon for a coworker as a gag gift.

Where to buy a Donald Trump Swimsuit – But Can He Swim?

Trump does know how to swim, but refrains from doing so. It’s not only because he hates exercise, he actually had a bad experience at Mar-el-Lago a few years ago. Trump decided to swim in the ocean instead of the hotel pool. While floating on his back; the Coast Guard mistook him for bloated discolored dead whale and towed his “carcass” out to sea.

After an hour or so, the Coast Guard returned to the spot where they had left the presumed carcass, figuring that sharks would devour it. To their amazement, Trump was splashing playfully with a bevy of sharks of all types. Realizing their error, the Coast Guard captain immediately had Trump hoisted aboard.

The captain exclaimed “Why, it’s a miracle you’re alive sir. Why do you suppose the sharks didn’t eat you?”
Trump grinned and replied “Professional courtesy!”

As Trump made his way to the Captain’s quarters, the First Mate leaned into the Captain and whispered “He means ‘Honor Among Thieves!’ ”