Finger Yoga for Office Desk

Finger Yoga could save your life and take away all your stress and problems. Just kidding, but it’s a really cool gag gift and should be in everyones list of gifts for women. Some may even list it as cool things to buy online for your yogi friends.

This could be the prefect gift for your office coworker, sibling, or friend that is always trying to convince you to go on that yoga retreat to Wanderlust with them. Wanderlust is a pretty awesome yoga retreat by the way. I had a blast when I went to the one in New York. I’m sure you’ll love doing finger yoga when you’re bored in your office.

  • Bliss is within (your fingers’) reach! Step your tired fingers into a pair of teeny yoga pants, roll out your desktop mat, and give those tired digits a stretch (or a workout) with Finger Yoga!
  • Mini yoga pants to wear on the pointer and middle fingers
  • A desktop yoga mat
  • Two mini yoga blocks
  • A 32-page illustrated mini book with instructions for finger yoga poses

Yoga Definition

Yoga is a system, not of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living. Among Yoga’s many source texts, the two best known are the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. Both explain the nature of—and obstacles to—higher awareness and fulfillment, as well as a variety of methods for attaining those goals.

As in any field, some aspects of Yoga are too subtle to be learned from books or lectures; they must be acquired through experience. Hence Yoga’s time-honored emphasis on the student-teacher relationship, in which the teacher helps the student develop a practice that brings deeper understanding through personal experience. I highly recommend giving finger yoga for office desk a try sometime… it’s a weird thing to buy online, but it’s pretty cool.