Fuggler Funny Ugly Monster

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  • Features lots of teeth! Big, human-like, less-than-pearly teeth – and he’s always looking for more
  • Soft enough to hug, but we’re not sure why you’d want to
  • Stands 9 inches tall for maximum sneaky antics
  • Comes with an adoption certificate you can display proudly to alienate family and friends
  • No Fuggler is the same! Well, except the teeth. Find your ideal mishmash of weird and sign your life away

These ugly little plush dolls are some of the best toys for kids and best toys for boys because they are funny and gross looking but still kind of cute. Your kid will love getting this as a toy for their birthday or Christmas gift ideas.

Where to buy a Fuggler Funny Ugly Monster

Warning: Fugglers are mischievous + misunderstood creatures with unpredictable personalities. If you decide to adopt a Fuggler, sleep with your mouth closed and one eye open. With smiles lined with realistic human teeth, Fugglers are always trying to collect more chompers – maybe from your mouth! Make eye contact with a Fuggler and you’ll find a pair of mismatched button eyes staring back. Even worse, you may find a pair of bulbous eyeballs, complete with squinty eyelids, looking up at you. If that’s not enough, the weirdness continues: Deluxe Plush Fugglers measure 12″ tall and come in all kinds of strange shapes and sizes. Lanky arms, stubby arms, pointy ears, claws- Fugglers are weird from giant head to tiny toe. Flip them over and you’ll even find a signature BUTTonhole, sewn onto their…well, you know. If you choose to ignore this warning and bring home a Fuggler, use the adoption certificate enclosed within to register and name your mischievous creature. With over 10 Deluxe Fugglers roaming around, there are lots of weirdos to collect – adopt at your own risk!