Pig Face T-Shirt

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  • Made of 100% Pre-shrunk Heavy Duty Cotton
  • Officially licensed, authentic apparel from The Mountain
  • Professionally designed and Fabricated, made to last
  • Machine Wash Cold Tumble Dry Medium Do not Bleach
  • Made in USA Assembled in Mexico/Honduras

A Pig Face T-Shirt is one of those cool costumes that you can wear any day of the week, even if it’s not a holiday. It can also be one of those great gifts for boys that like to play around in the mud and get dirty for no reason like a pig. The shirt looks kind of creepy and will freak people out as one of those shirts that make people laugh. Cool t-shirts and funny t-shirts are a good way to start up a conversation and get people around you talking about your cool clothes for boys.

Where to buy a Pig Face T-Shirt

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