Poop Shoot Game for Kids

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  • GET RIDICULOUS LAUGHS! – For the office or the day care… POOP SHOOT! is a sure-fire way to bring everyone a little bit closer!
  • BUILD LIFELONG SKILLS! – Practice hand-eye coordination, perfect your basketball shots, and develop a joyful and irreverent mentality! All thanks to POOP SHOOT!
  • GO HEAD TO HEAD! – Your friends and family need a little friendly competition, right? … POOP SHOOT! makes it possible… with a dose of fun too.
  • SQUEEZE OUT SOME TIME WITH THE KIDS! – Ipads and Social Media are no match for a good ol’ fashioned game of POOP SHOOT!
  • GET ONE FOR EVERYONE! – Imagine the possibilities … Everyone from little Johnny to Grandma playing POOP SHOOT together at this year’s family reunion. Make a memory!

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